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Cheap Headphones and Sound iOS Apps For Enjoyable Study Sessions.

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If you need to study, even little sounds like the hum of a refrigerator can break your concentration. We want to help: as former students, we’ve found some cool and affordable ways to help with your study sessions. By the way, most of these cool tools weren’t around way back when we were in school, so count yourself lucky!

best headphones under 100 - studying2 of the Best ‘Cheap’ Headphones Under $100

We’ve curated list from a great list of cheap headphones selected by Best Gear. You can check them our for a full list of recommendations.

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones – These are great sounding headphones that actual record producers will use because they are so good, especially when you consider the price. Audio-Technica are renown for their high quality yet affordable audio gear, and this is the best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ headphones around.

2. Sony MDRZX110NC Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones – Active noise-cancellation is a dream for long, uninterrupted study sessions. How active noise-cancelling headphones work is that they actively cancel out external noises (like a truck driving by, or a refrigerator hum). This means you can put them on and hear absolutely nothing for as long as you want. While most noise-canceling headphones run around $300, Sony makes a really good pair that tends to sell for around $60.

Now that you have some good headphones, how about putting on something to listen to that’ll help you concentrate. Music with lyrics can be distracting, and classical music can be repetitive (or snooze-inducing) if you have to study for many hours in a day. Here are some atmosphere apps that are just enough to help you cancel out extraneous noise and keep yourself studying for hours.

4 Cheap iOS Sound Apps to Make Work and Study Enjoyable:


Even the most sociable people sometimes have to shut the office door and get down to some serious solitary work. If you’ve got an important assignment or project to finish, playing music can be distracting, but sitting in silence can be daunting. Check out these four iOS apps that use ambient sound to boost focus and enjoyment when working.




A no-nonsense app that provides one specific feature: ambient thunderstorm sounds. It describes itself as using “stereoscopic 3D audio” to deliver superior sound, especially effective when coupled with headphones. Additionally, it gives realistic lightning flashes that sync with the thunder to add to the experience. Far from being distracting, this actually adds to the realism and will soon get you into a steady workflow. It includes two distinct thunderstorm types to choose from, and in-app purchases allow you to add more if you’re seeking variation.


Price: $2.99




This app is less focused but offers a huge range of ambient sounds to relax and work to. Browse categories like “Animals”, “Earth” and “Fire” to pick your favorites and download them for free. Written descriptions, previews and a keyword search help you find the perfect sounds and create a library for different moods. Describing itself as an “environment enhancer”, it’s also received the stamp of approval from healthcare company HealthTap as a means of relaxing and focusing busy people.


Price: $2.99


White Noise


Promoted as a sleep aid, the range of sounds available on White Noise are also great for tuning out the exterior world and keeping your attention on the task at hand. Mimicking the functions of traditional white noise machines, it features everyday sound effects like “Air Conditioner”, “Beach Waves Crashing” and “Train Ride”. Somewhat simpler than the paid apps above, it nonetheless does the job well. It also promises to help mask the symptoms of tinnitus and the clock feature will fade the sound out and gradually wake you up in a peaceful way.


Price: Free


Custom Sounds of Nature Lite


The lite version of this app offers a highly customizable experience at a low cost. You can choose from “Calm Ocean” and “Mountain Stream”, then tweak the various sounds to your liking. For example, the “Calm Ocean” setting features “Ocean”, “Seagulls”, “Wind Chimes” and “Foghorn”. You can switch each of these on or off and set the intensity depending on your tastes. It also features a timer so the sounds fade away when you come to the end of a study period, signaling it’s time for a break.


Price: $0.99


People have been using white noise machines and natural sounds for years to help them relax and focus. By creating your own sound bubble, you’ll tune out distractions and get into a productive and calm workflow. Give one of these apps a try today and see how it helps you work peacefully and effectively.


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