About Our Company

Remember Catalogues?

At our company, we wanted to recreate the experience that you may have had in your childhood of getting a catalogue in the mail. You may not be old enough to remember what catalogues were. If not, let us take you into a quick journey into the past:

catalogue discount - about our company

Catalogues were giant books filled with nearly every product that a store carried. They were usually seasonal, meaning that as a store added ‘autumn offerings’, it would release an autumn catalogue filled with fall fashions, winter home items and more.

There was usually a special Christmas catalogue, since it was (and still is!) the biggest shopping season of the year.

As kids, we would naturally be drawn to the toy sections, and in the later years also the video games sections.

New Developments at Our Company:


We’ve recently integrated with Pinterest to create a ‘scrapbook’ effect.

What does that mean? It means you can recreate the experience of looking for deals in the catalogue and cutting and pasting out a ‘Christmas wish list’ by ‘clipping’ images on our website with Pinterest and creating a board. This is a great experience for you to share with your kids as they point out all the cool items that they want to have under their Christmas tree.


How to use the Scrapbook Effect:

Download a Pinterest bookmarklet from Pinterest’s website. Then, create an account with them and Set up a Board. You can call it anything you want: Christmas Ideas, Wish List, etc.

Then, browse our website and save any images that catch your eye.

After that, you can arrange your Pinterest board however you like.